New retail store opens in London – where dreams come true

Last month’s reported upturn in UK Retail Sales figures is thought to have been as a result of a set of favourable circumstances: an extra bank holiday, unseasonably warm weather and the Royal Wedding.

The medium-term outlook however remains one of restrained consumer spending and continued pressures facing retailers, particularly on the High Street.

Our work with UK retailers confirms this status as we continue to assist with programmes that can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

But even against that backdrop there is still a need to think about strategies for growth and longer term development so I was delighted to see that Disney opened its new showcase store on Oxford Street at 11 a.m. today.

Billed to become a ‘top attraction for all visitors to London’ according to Teresa Tiderman, joint MD for Disney Store Europe, the shop even employs its own dedicated Entertainment Manager. At the heart of the store is a 28 feet high Disney castle and every day will start with an opening ceremony where one lucky child will be picked to open up with a giant key; Tinker Bell will even make an appearance.

Let’s hope this is the first of many new additions to High Streets across the country and the beginning of growth in the retail market, although of course we can’t expect economic miracles overnight.

But as Disney adds a touch of magic to Oxford Street think I’ll see if my 7 year old wants to pay a visit to the new store; after all, isn’t that where dreams come true?

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