Company credit card and company smartphone: spot the difference

Near Field Communications. It’s been an ongoing debate for some years now but by stealth it has grown in credibility making it one of the big mobile stories of 2011 according to Tim Green at Mobile Entertainment.

Last year Barclaycard, Visa and Mastercard (to name a few) announced a move into the world of contactless payments. Whilst many handsets still have some way to go to enable the mobile wallet to be delivered in its entirety, the mobile operators and brands like Google are keen to use NFC for advertising and coupon based promotions in the short term. Basically it’s happening whether you like it or not and once its use has been embraced by consumers you can bet it will grow at exponential speed just like so many other mobile developments.

And whilst you may think the future of a fully loaded mobile wallet is a long way off yet, consider this: if your employees have a company mobile with NFC capability, who’s going to manage your mobile expenditure when they are able to make contactless payments with ease? With expenses hitting the mobile bill and not a credit card bill, are you ready to monitor these costs? And if not, how will you ensure that your VAT return doesn’t include mobile phone expenses that should actually be attributed to the travel and subsistence budget?

I doubt you’d be willing to give employees a credit card without controls in place to prevent misuse; but what about a new generation mobile?

Something to think about.

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