about us

Founded in 2000, Mala is an independent company, committed to helping our clients regain control of their telecoms costs through trademarked systems and inventory management tools.

Our extensive knowledge of the telecoms industry means we’re trusted by public sector, FTSE companies and telecoms providers and we helped UK enterprises control more than £100m of charges last year.

We provide our clients with peace of mind as we enable them to concentrate on their core business. Because we offer ongoing support throughout the year, we’re always on hand to address queries or offer advice. Our clients can be confident that they’re always getting the best value from their telecoms services and because we have the ability to analyse many forms of billing data, we can identify all the savings, not just the large ones.

Investors in People
We’re delighted to be Investors in People accredited and continue to use its proven framework to enhance our own business performance.

our industry relationships

For the past 15 years, the Telecoms Cost Management (TCM) forum, established by Paul Fegan for the CMA, has created an environment where billing issues can be resolved between businesses and their telecoms suppliers. Additionally, it has raised awareness amongst the telecoms community that the management of telecoms information can enable senior management to make informed business decisions based on accurate usage and trend figures for their organisation.

Westminster Compliance
Westminster Compliance is a UK-wide operation which offers a new concept in support for businesses. Our specialised service keeps clients up to date with business legislation in an easily understood format in the areas of Health & Safety, Public Sector Contracts and Business Development Training.

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